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The Basin Centre was created with the community in mind. We strive to meet the needs of local Nova Scotians and visitors alike. With its many amenities like a grocery outlet, restaurant, pool, water slide, gym, garden and hydroponic outlet, there's no limit to how your day can go! 


At Basin Centre, we have an amazing selection of goods and services available. From a full aquatics centre, to an amazing restaurant, a fully stocked grocery outlet, and much more. See below for a list of what we have to offer.


Need groceries? We got you covered! From Apple Valley Pies, Mom's Bakery products, Eden Valley Chicken and fresh cuts meats, we have it all! 


Hungry? At Neptune's Fork, we offer an amazing menu of both local and international dishes to fill your stomach. From fresh seafood to exotic dishes, come try out everything!


Our saltwater pool is absolutely refreshing any day of the week! We offer daily, monthly, and yearly plans to best suit your budget that cover most of our aquatics activities, free swims, water slide and more!


Growing plants and vegetables both indoors and outdoors? Come see our wide selection of growing lights, ballasts, pots, accessories and more for all your growing needs.


Wanna sing karaoke? Or how about see the latest in local talent? Maybe you just want to kick back and enjoy one of our many available on tap selections? We've got you at High Tide, the Basin Centres beautiful lounge and bar.

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